Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

What a day it's been. I hit the ground running this morning working on the rehabilitation center project some more. I made a final draft of the survey to send out to referral sources (doctors, workers' compensation managers, hospital discharge managers, DRS, etc.), so hopefully that will be approved and mailed out soon. We know an online survey may be quicker, but we're not sure how many doctors actually utilize the Web. According to what we know from preliminary research, surprisingly, many of them don't. So, we're hypothesizing that snail mail will result in our getting more surveys back in the long run. Does anyone out there in the PR world have experience with this type of market research? What's worked best for your firm? I also made contact with someone from the DRS today about getting a breakdown of numbers on patients served in the state during the past five years, but no one seemed to know who did the estimated 2008 numbers that are on their Web site now. Hopefully, they'll find this mystery statistician and get back to me tomorrow.

Another project involves a historical project going on in town. After tomorrow, we'll know more about that, but I spent today downloading materials and records from the town's FTP site concerning this project, and we should be ready to promote it soon. The town is definitely a beautiful area steeped in history, so this will be an exciting thing to be a part of.

I've concluded that Best Buy has an uncanny power over me. I'm a member of the Reward Zone club, so I get $10 back for every so many points I accumulate. I get extra points because it's summer, sometimes when the Best Buy NASCAR car wins a race, etc. It's very persuasive, and it helps me feel better about myself spending money at Best Buy. Yeah, I know they are getting theirs in the long run, but there is usually a deal on DVDs and such that is about $2 cheaper than other places, and I get a return eventually. So, if I'm going to buy stuff anyway, why not get it at Best Buy? Of course, if it weren't for them, I'm not sure I would buy the DVDs in the first place. *Sigh* Well, regardless, I scored on some Disney movies today. Can't wait to watch both The Jungle Book I & II and The Sword in the Stone. However, I'm waiting until I've finished reading The Once and Future King before I watch the latter. I've started that book so many times, but this time I'm actually making progress.

Tonight, Shari, Alex and I went to the Salem Avalanche game. The local chapter of the Marshall Alumni Association had a little get-together there, which my boss happens to head up. It was a really good time, even though I don't care for baseball so much. The team is a Houston Astros affiliate, but will become a Boston Red Sox affiliate after this year. We paid $10 for "Feed Your Face Night" tickets. The normal ticket cost is only $7, so I figured $3 for all-you-can-eat hotdogs, hamburgers, popcorn and peanuts was a pretty smart deal. Well, I think I got my money's worth (two hotdogs, a hamburger, peanuts and popcorn), but buyer beware. You can only get one of each item (no chili on the dogs, no cheese on the burgers) at a time, drinks are not included, and — you'll spend about three innings in line each time. Seriously, those were the slowest lines I've ever stood in. However, we didn't really miss anything — neither team scored until the ninth inning. Koby Clemens, son of baseball great Roger Clemens, plays for the Avalanche, but it was some no-name who saved the day and won the game 3-1 for Salem in the bottom of the ninth. Koby, take a lesson from Dad — INJECT THAT JUNK IF YOU EVER WANT TO MAKE IT TO THE MAJORS! Oh wait, that's unfair. Seriously, folks, that was rhetorical hyperbole. Clemens has denied the accusations in the Mitchell Report, and I'm in no position to say he's lying. Although, that autographed Roger Clemens baseball they gave to some lucky Shmoe in the stands did look a little dented from such a strong signature... eh, probably just my imagination. In other news, I made it back from the concessions stand in time to catch the seventh-inning stretch, where they really did sing (read: mumble) "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."

Right, cue the links already — for the PR-inclined, keep in mind that promoting your clients through social networking requires a lot of hard work. And, advice from a PR guy, but good advice for everyone, learn how not to get a job.

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