Sunday, June 29, 2008

PR Packages, Blog Updates, Fun Links

It's Sunday, and after recovering from a pounding headache throughout the night, I got up to do a little work. This was a continuation of what I mentioned in Friday's post about the public information meeting I attended. I finished up a media package, basically consisting of a news release and photos from the event, to send to local media. This story will run in local media this week to get the word out about the meeting and the results of it, most importantly, the involvement of the local citizens in the development process of a project taking place in their community.

Now, if you make a mistake and mean to visit Relatively Journalizing by entering, instead of, you'll still get to the right place. I registered the former address with Blogger yesterday and inserted the appropriate HTML to redirect your browser here.

I'm also considering a redesign for the blog soon, featuring a less-crowded banner perhaps and maybe the elimination of reverse body copy so you get easier-to-read black on white instead. Once I'm finished chronicling my internship this summer, I may come up with a weekly format for the blog, designating a specific topic or type of post for each day of the week. We'll see. Feel free to comment and let me know if you prefer PR/other media tips and news, geek news, cool links/photos/videos, personal life experiences/adventures or the current hybrid method of the blog.

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As I reported, Diablo III could possibly be announced over the weekend — well, it was. You can check out the game trailer and more on the Diablo III site.

Ah, the differences between men and women.

Bill Gates' greatest hits and misses. (Why was "Not being Steve Jobs" not number one on the miss list?)

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