Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just Read It

Listened to The Weekly Serge with Evan Serge today, with guests Alex "Beameister" Bea and Gordon "GQ" Curry. Check it out Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on WUVT. Listen live online.

Adding a new affiliate (guys I know with blogs) today. Check out the Black Tie Lounge, which will chronicle one man's journey to the Bahamas and who knows where else. Will he cut the dreads? Will he eat conch salad? Stay tuned!

Wolverine and the X-Men to air on NICKTOONS. Check out the trailer.

More on marketing to people at the workplace.

So, one government agency didn't have the information I needed, nor did they have the software to get it. So, today, I made a request to a different agency that hopefully will be able to help me out some. I'm getting pretty tired of waiting on other people to do stuff so I can do my stuff. Put in another round of calls today for all of my stories, followed with e-mails. Guess that's the perseverance of journalism in me. Of course, my old reporting professor would tell me to go sit outside their offices or on their doorstep at their house until I got to talk to them. Were any of these assignments big news stories, then perhaps I would do so. But really, my deadlines are somewhat flexible, and a lot of the people I need to talk to are about 200 miles away... so I suppose I'm just stuck waiting on them to call or reply to an e-mail. Grr.

Had a pretty good time last night — Kabuki Japanese Steakhouse for dinner, followed by some chillin' at the bowling alley and the Mill. Our hibachi chef was hilarious! His jokes were cheesy, to say the least, but his tricks were probably the best I have ever seen from a hibachi chef anywhere else, and he got funnier as time went on. One of his jokes went something like this:

What did sushi A say to sushi B?

Wasabi! (WHASSUP, B?!?! For those of you who don't get jokes.)

I am still pretty terrible at bowling. The last time I bowled, I did what I consider to be a great job, so I had some hope — but it quickly faded. I didn't do terrible... no zero frames, at least, and I picked up some nice spares, but that's about it. I had better stick to what I do best — writing, researching, shooting/blowing up things and courageously saving the world, one video game experience at a time. I suppose I have other talents, but the Internet couldn't contain them. Or, perhaps, just shouldn't.

Well, I need to do laundry at some point today, maybe eat something, and it would be nice to get a phone call back so I can finish another project. Tomorrow will be more interesting, as I travel with the boss lady to learn more about how to handle a public information meeting scenario.

Oh, and there's a wedding I must attend Saturday, and if nothing else, I'm excited to wear my new shirt and tie.

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