Saturday, June 28, 2008

Country Weddings... Ah, the Twittersphere

A picture my dad e-mailed after stumbling upon this little guy the other night (oh how I miss West Virginia):

Let's have a caption-writing contest! Add a comment to this post's comments section with your caption for the above photo. I'll announce the best one in an upcoming post!

Relatively Journalizing is now on Facebook. That is, there's a Facebook group you can join if you like this blog. I hope to have a Facebook application soon for the blog that you can add to your profile, but coding it is kind of a pain. I would appreciate it though if you join the Facebook group and use the orange button in the sidebar on this page to subscribe to the blog. And of course, blogging about this blog, telling your friends, tweeting the URL, commenting and anything else that gets me traffic is appreciated. I'd love to increase traffic and know what sort of content you prefer. Right now, it's really difficult to classify this blog. It's become a hybrid of internship/other work experience insight and chronicling mixed with personal life experiences and adventures blended with geek news, media discussions (in everything from journalism to PR to advertising to marketing to academia) and cool links/videos/pics. I would love some feedback about what content would keep you coming back and actually engaging in some commenting and discussing. As I discussed with Mr. Bea Wednesday night, it'll be interesting to see how frequent my posting is when the fall semester begins. I'm sure the content will change up a bit then also.

Oh, got some work done on the news release package for Monday.

Do you tweet? I am trying out Twhirl, and I must say I'm enjoying it so far. Try Twistori to get a real-time feed on specific tweets — it may keep you glued to the screen. Also added my tweets to the blog's sidebar, and I'm trying out TwitterFeed to add blog updates to Twitter. Not sure if I have the latter set up exactly correct yet, but we'll see. Oh, and I saw the word Twittersphere today, obviously a play on blogosphere. What is world coming to? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KEEP UP WITH IT ALL?!?! Can I downgrade to Web 1.0? Eh, I'd probably go through withdrawal at this point.

I have to go to West Virginia this afternoon (third time in a month; I think that's a record since I started my undergrad five years ago) for a wedding. I don't mean to poke fun at the bride and groom, as they are good friends of mine, nor do I want to perpetuate stereotypes about West Virginians. So, that being said, the following list is for fun only, and I'm sure I won't actually see any of it. Disclaimer: None of this list is drawn from experiences with my own family (or so says this disclaimer — good thing sarcasm doesn't translate well via text).

Top 10 Things You Might Hear at a West Virginia Wedding

10. You may place the ring on your bride's left hand now... *ahem* her other left hand....

9. Hurry up and let me kiss the bride! These bibbed overalls are due back by quittin' time!

8. Let us sing a hymn... please turn to page 152, Take Me Home, Country Roads.

7. Now don't get cold feet son, if you don't make love to a woman tonight, the terrorists win!

6. Oh, Daddy, walk me down the aisle slowly, I don't want to trip in these boots.

5. Cousin?!?! Why didn't you tell me that earlier? Oh, fourth cousin, OK, let's get this over with.

4. Aw shucks, where's the caterer with that deer meat?

3. The groom has prepared a song for the bride. He will now serenade her with Dueling Banjos.

2. Not to be outdone, the bride will now have the first dance, YEEEEHAWWW! Are you ready to do the Boot Scootin' Boogie, y'all?

1. Hey! Can somebody give the new couple's pickup a jump? They got ta git on down the road ta the hunney-moon! 'At tent down on the New River ain't gonna wait all night y'all!


Anonymous said...
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Beamer said...

caption: "Um... tweet tweet?"

I once had a very close call with a raccoon. We were face to face unexpectedly but thankfully he chose to jump one way and I did the other -- thus why I don't have permanent claw marks on my face.

JD said...

Ha! But think about how many chicks you could pick up with a permanent claw mark on your face... eh, maybe not. Yeah, tweet tweet came to mind first as a title for the Twitter feed... I must have been tired or something, but I guess it'll do for now. But in respect to the claw marks, I once knew a guy who went by "Bear" and had a bear claw scar and a grizzly tattoo on his back. No joke.

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