Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Accessing Access and the Bush-McCain Challenge

Well, I ventured to Roanoke today for my meeting at Access (thus an explanation for the Star City's skyline at night pictured above).

As it turns out, it seems I have multiple interesting projects to work on this summer. I discussed the projects with the firm's owner and the VP for PR today during the meeting. The first of these projects will be a research project for a rehab center here in Virginia. My job is to conduct market research to analyze in order to develop a plan for what opportunities exist to expand the market share within a 75-mile radius. Also, I must rank potential referral sources, find out what factors influence a decision-maker to refer a patient and determine the likelihood of a referral occurring.

Other things I will work on this summer include promotion for a historical site project going on in the New River Valley, as well as being a media go-to person for a sort of utility project in the area. Another event I'm excited about is generating more interest in a local theater's summer performances, hopefully resulting in more ticket sales. It's also possible I will be involved in promoting and booking for an up-and-coming hip-hop artist who also happens to be a Marshall alumnus and former Thundering Herd football player.

Todd also took me downtown to the new building that will hopefully house Access by the end of the year. Though there's still a lot of work to be done, I really think the building will be an amazing work environment once everything is finished. As I walked through the open, rustic room of the old building workers are remodeling, I could imagine cubicles and offices arranged throughout with people in trench coats and fedoras yelling back and forth... yeah, so my journalism roots lead me to have fantasies about the old-fashioned newsrooms of yesteryear. At any rate, the old brick walls and inviting brown wood ceiling just seem welcoming, steeping with history and exciting in the light that seeps in through the yet-to-be-replaced cracked skylights.

I'm certainly excited about the experience all of these opportunities will provide for me, and hopefully I get the new assistantship I applied for in the fall. With those two additions to my résumé, I should be able to land a decent job after graduation (as long as we still have an economy, that is).

So, my next step is to get crackin' on research for that first big project as soon as possible (OK, or after some socializing tonight). I've got a couple new assignments from my editor at the Times too — busy! I can't explain the feeling I have about doing public relations and journalism work at the same time... but, as long as I don't cover my clients, I suppose everything is fine. Although, I can't promise I'm above trying to get someone else to cover them.

In other news, this John Cusack ad that MoveOn is trying to get on the air is somewhat interesting. The whole idea of the Bush-McCain Challenge does not really present anything I didn't already realize (that we don't need more of the same in Washington), but it's a neat way of showcasing everything.

Don't forget Father's Day is Sunday! I'm off to check out the gift I got my dad (and to play with the MicroSD card I got for my new phone). Also, for Hokie fans out there, tickets for the ECU game in Charlotte, N.C., go on sale tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. (These tickets are for current student season ticket holders only.)

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